Healing  Spa

Reflexology Foot Massage

  • Tree starts to age from the root, so too does human indicate the AGING start from the feet! The feet are the capillary at the very end of the body, all the nutrition and waste transaction finished from here, it important people often call the feet as second heart of the body.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine recorded our feet has 64 reflex area zones and are the  3 Foot Yin Meridians (Foot ShaoYin Kidney, Foot TaiYin Spleen, Foot JueYin Liver) and 3 Foot Yang Meridians (Foot TaiYang Bladder; Foot YangMing Stomach; Foot ShaoYang Gall Bladder) where to start and all go through the feet . To stimulate these areas and acupressure point  along those Meridians on the feet will correspond to our systemic organs.
  • Often soaks feet in warm water will maintain body's Yang and prevent exhaustion in Spring; Prevent Rheumatism and heatstroke in Summer; nourish the lung and intestine in Fall; Moderate the DanTian (Center of energy) in Winter....

Express Foot Massage

Warm-up the feet with the comfort temperature herbal / Aroma warm water, a brief head, neck, arms massage, then a relaxing foot massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Brief head face arm massage during the 15 mins herbal foot bath to improve the circulation and penetrate the herbal effects through skin absorption to go all over the body. Then 45 mins foot Reflexology to focus stimulating the 64 reflexology zones & acupoint so to benefit the systemic organs.

Herbal Steam foot bath Reflexology

Start with herbal steam bathing the feet, to deeper penetrate the herbal power ingredients to the body, following with a comprehensive reflexology entire session will give you a deluxe and long lasting healing results with a optimal relaxation experience...