Healing  Spa

Holistic  Detox  Therapy

    Beneficial:  Weight loss, Enhance beauty appearance, Allergy/Sinus, Dermatopathy, Cervical Spondylosis, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Cerebellum Atrophy, Andrology (Prostatitis, Impotence), Insomnia, Apoplexy, Cerebral Thrombus Sequela, frozen Shoulder, Rheumatoid, arthritis, Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands, Face Neuritis, Kidney Stone, Cholelithiasis/Gall Stone, Hypertension/Hypotension, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gynecological Diseases (Dysmenorrhea), Endocrine Regulation, Migraine, etc. such kinds of Sub-Health issues, it helps to rid the body toxin such from intake pesticide residues or external resources.

    Prohibitions:  Pregnant, Menstrual, Severe bleeding, Heart disease, Heart or renal failure, Severe hypertension or hypotension, Severe anemia, Atherosclerosis, Heat sensory disturbances, Caesarean section not completely healed, Open wound, Infection or contagious diseases, Particularly weak body, Allergy to such kind of herbs or plants... some treatments also restrict the person who has such foreign items inside the body e.g. implants, peacemaker etc... Please consult if any more concerns especially the warning or advice from your doctor.

    Precaution:  To get the full benefits and a truly enjoyable experience from our Holistic Detox Treatments, please don’t eat too full or in hungry level 30 minutes before your appointment time, and not taking low temperature bath or drinks or exposure to low settings air conditioning during or before 30 mins after the treatments,  but drink plenty of warm (honey, brown sugar or tea) water are great helps for a better circulation flow, allowing the body eradicate and expunge toxins more efficiently. 

    Preparation: At least 10 minutes comprehensive consultation to help us understanding with your concerns and expectations, so we can choose the right type of Detox Therapy for the optimal results suits your needs.


$50.00 / 40 min; $80 / 60 mins                                        

A painless, harmless, and totally relaxing experience. It is a natural way to clean out accumulated wax and white, flaky fungus from the ear. and with the massage around head and neck, just bring your therapeutic upgrade to the deluxe relaxation level.


TCM says utilizing Cupping or Guasha to treat a body aches or ongoing problem/s, though if cannot totally heal right away, at least it could make half of the problem gone.
  • Cupping ($50.00/30 min; $90.00/60 mins): It is an age old bodywork technique in TCM that can be used for pretty much anything from your daily aches and pains, acute to chronic ailments. It's used to works by creating suction and negative pressure, used to drain excess fluids and toxins, simulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to the stagnant muscles and skin, loosen adhesion, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue...
  • Guasha ($60/30mins; $100/60 mins): This scraping technique is used to release the body of blood stagnation. Blood stagnation is considered to be the cause of many diseases in TCM. It mimics sweating and promotes body fluid circulation which helps to normalize cellular metabolic processes and release toxic waste from your deep cellular tissues. It also increases Blood and Qi circulation to help oxidize your cells as well as nourish them...
   $50.00 per area for 30 mins; $90.00 for 60 mins

The Magneto-Therapy-Electro Therapy help penetrate the customized herbs to suit individual health needs thus like weight control, pain management, prevent or reduce numbness and so on. It can activate cells, enhance body cells' electromagnetic power and adjust Meridian (JingLuo) to balance between the natures how it affect human body.

Every cell of human body has a mini electromagnetic field that is activated by the earth's electromagnetic field. As the modern life and damage of resource have changed the effect from the Earth magnetic field effect to human body, thus all kinds of diseases have come into being. Improve the magnetic power as so to make people live healthier and longer. 


 $50.00 per area for 30 mins; $90.00 for 60 mins

It uses the Energy Stone from universal with Digital Thermal created a consistent heat and more than 30 various healing elements deliver to body. It has been applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine for various soft tissue injuries, especially cervical spondylosis, acute or chronic lower back pain and as well as skin disorder. It can combine with massage, acupuncture or cupping to open up the meridians of body, it also can combine with facial treatment for lymph drainage and deeper penetrate product nutrition to lift up a higher level result. 


Face/Scalp/Hands/Feet........................$50.00 for 30 min (Per area)

Abdominal/Back/Legs...........................$90.00 for 60 min (Per area)

Mini De-Toxin package (Back+Abdominal).................$120.00 for 90 min

Healing Dragon Deluxe (Mini + areas)........................$240.00 for 120 min

A preventive and effective health treatment with no side effects. It mobilizes the systemic blood and Qi (Cell energy),  actives body cells and improves body functions, to help penetrate the extensive, special herbs through the opened up skin pore and meridians by heat treatment process and absorbed inside body go to all over the body with the circulation system. It works on the meridians and hundreds of acupuncture points all over the body directly, to balance body's Yin-Yang, enhance immunity system and Anti-aging for the human body health and beauty appearance. 


Herbal / clay for Yin-Yang balance
$50.00 per area for 30 mins; $90.00 for 60 mins                                          

It is a great treatment helps for Knees, hands etc Joint flexibility limitations or arthritis, or abdominal organs any discomforts or aches, back, shoulder muscle pains, even can treat on facial such kinds of skin problems. 

Thermal effects: The thermal effect is deeper, may reach underneath of the skin layer to 0.2-1 cm, after treatment, the localized skin mostly turns to fresh pink, local skin temperature can be increased 8-18 ℃. and the Paraffin or clay Herbal Treatment has strong and long-lasting warm effect, can withstand higher skin temperature to 55-65 ℃. 

Promote Circulations: During the treatment, the local skin blood vessels dilates, it promoting blood circulation and nutrition improving processes, and strengthening cell membrane permeability,  Conducive to the absorption within the lymph and blood tissue exudates, and reduce tissue edema, Applicable early acute inflammation or trauma, contusions, Paraffin/Clay Herbal Treatment can enhance the local and even systemic secretion of sweat glands, it will sweat a lot in topical during the treatment.


Moxibustion Detox Therapy
Moxibustion Therapy
$50.00 Per area for 30 mins. $90.00 for 60 mins

Benefits and Effects:

It is one of the legends ancient art in Chinese Medicine, the specific and magic effectiveness are: 

  • Warming pneuma, dilute freckle and whitening skin tone, warm Meridian, Anti-aging & Rejuvenation, Smooth flow of Qi and blood circulation, unblock blood stasis, estimate body inflammation and coldness;  health/beauty prevention and enhancement, pain relief, strengthening immune system, for the better absorption capacity, accelerate metabolism.
  • Sparse through the blood circulation: sciatica, legs/feet soreness, rheumatic joint pain, frozen shoulder, muscle stiffness, cervical disease pain, stiff neck/back pain. 
  • Dispel stagnation and open knot: eliminate breast swelling, tenderness, improve dysmenorrheal,  amenorrhea, abdominal pain etc in magic effect.


Moxibustion/Far red-infrared Therapy
Moxibustion Therapy for tommy area
60.00 for 30 mins; $90.00 for 60 mins                                       
  • This device has Moxibustion Physiotherapy, Herbal Khan Steam, and Far-Red-infrared Therapy three in one function. It provides you a deep relaxation experience with a great benefit of strengthen physical health and longevity, it kills bacteria, Detoxification, anti-inflammatory, reduce the pain, eliminate fatigue, balance Yin-Yang energy, dedges the meridians, improve blood circulation and insomnia, to prevent colds, beauty enhancement and lose weight, slim and contours the body, prevention and treatment of hypertension, colds and flu, limbs numbness and arthritis.  
  • Far-infrared light Its own is not the heat, it resonates through molecular motion to produce heat between molecules, wavelengths in the 5.6-15 micron far infrared infiltration of skin and subcutaneous tissue of 4-5 cm, directly cause of molecular resonance, molecular motion and cells activity has becomes active, so as to increase the speed of blood flow, accelerate the role of metabolism, body warming and up. As 70% of the body is water, and the excess of fat, heavy metals are caught between the body of water molecules, the activation of water molecules can be able to remove and separate the binding between them, so that harmful substances and fat is released and excreted.
  • The secret of Artemisia leaves: it also called "The Youth forever Grass Queen". It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial antiviral herb, it treats a lot of viruses and bacteria have inhibited and kill the role of respiratory diseases and have a certain role in prevention and treatment, it common uses right after Acupuncture for the best healing results.  With this 3 function in 1 device,  the active ingredients from the Artemisia leaves directly works on the internal of meridian, relying on enhanced cell adhesion to the activity of the capillaries to achieve nutritional supply, discharge toxins, balance the role of human secretion and function. Artemisia leaves' smog Moxibustion treatment is a simple and easy way of Epidemic prevention method.


Herbal Steam Healing Therapy
60.00 for 30 mins; $90.00 for 60 mins                                        
  • It is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, modern science and technology of new holistic therapy. For symptomatic dosing and a variety of unique health treatment, it is highlighting the characteristics of Chinese medicine and specialty, rehabilitation, physical strength, eliminate fatigue and overcome other sub-health is also an effective way.
  • It is based on the principle of dialectical treatment, through the constant steam stimulation of the skin, causing blood vessels to expand, improve body blood circulation; at the same time traditional Chinese herbal medicine steam contains a large number of active ingredients that are absorbed directly through the skin pores, through the infiltration, absorption, diffusion and other ways to enter the organs, dredge the meridians, to obtain satisfactory treatment and to achieve better holistic and therapeutic results. 


Jade/Energy Stone Heat Therapy
Healing beneficial or Tomaline, Black Jade and Bian stones to human body
Energy Stone Detox Therapy
$50.00 for 30 mins. $90.00 for 60 mins                                  

3 types of the energy stones with ThermoElectric helps detoxifying the body optimally:

  • Tourmaline stone:  It contains a variety of trace elements and minerals. There are ThermoElectric and piezoelectric double electric effects, with permanent electrodes. 
  • Bian Stone: It contains manganese, titanium, chromium, germanium, zinc and other over 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to the human body. 

  • Ink Jade: It purifies water. According to modern science, jade not only contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body, such as calcium, selenium, tin, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, chromium, nickel, lithium, potassium, sodium, titanium and so on, but confirmed that it can also produce a special photoelectric effect, the formation of a special electromagnetic field, and reacts with the human body's own biological magnetic resonance.

Benefit to the body: Decomposition of toxins and drainage the toxins out of the body through the sweat from the dredged skin pores. The three types stones release of energy waves can penetrate into the skin 3~5 cm deep, direct burns subcutaneous fat become liquefied fat, with sweat excreted, and the depths of the skin with sweat discharge, the skin surface and deep all being cleaned, so that the skin will smooth and rosy. Same time it improves the blood circulation and immunity, enhance metabolism, endocrine, enhance and regulate the various of organs' physiological function, adjust the autonomic nervous system. Stabilize and calm the nerves, eliminate the heavy metals and lactic acid, uric acid, free radicals and other harmful substances out of the body, stimulate the body of the gland function to produce all kinds of hormones.  rheumatoid symptoms are greatly improved and the freckle is efficiently reduced, significant role of improve the skin. Practice proved that the use of this equipment in 30 minutes, it can consume 550 calories that equivalent of a long-distance running 10 km of metabolic volume. thereby it enhancing the body's metabolism, effectively control the body weight.