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Our First Employee

May, the founder, she has been apprenticeship and practiced under 3 outstanding TCM Doctor's supervision in North-East Physiology Institute & Clinic in China, specialized training included external herbal therapy, Cupping, Guasha Toxin-drainage, spinal related sub-health issues and alignment, joint mobility, muscle pain management, foot or body reflexology massage, body Yin-Yang balance and 5 elements stabilizing, acupuncture and much more...Since the beginning of practice in 2001 to now, she has been resolved many different sub-health conditions, not even herself being a beneficiary from these TCM therapy for her lots health and beauty problems stated in her very younger age, she also first-hand seen many miraculous results how these holistic skincare, Massage, and other holistic detox therapy in TCM changed people's life in better. 

1,000 Happy Customers

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